Each winter, thousands of drivers venture onto frozen lakes and rivers. A few of these people inadvertently drive over thin ice, crack through, and sink their vehicles beneath frigid waters.

Featuring original music, animated diagrams, and aerial footage, Mechanism9, has compiled a documentary of four unique recoveries where Don Herman and his crew retrieve sunk vehicles from the frozen waters around Wisconsin’s Fox River Valley.

(Here are a few clips from Sunk still in production.)




Two pickup trucks with dump beds were hauling large loads of rock three miles from the shore of Lake Winnebago to form a reef. The first truck cracked through the ice as it was dumping it’s contents through an opening into the water. The driver survived. Minutes later, the second truck cracked through about a half mile from the dumpsite, but the driver was not able to escape. The footage of the recovery where the driver survived is documented here.




Fishermen were driving their shanty out onto Lake Poygan when the ice gave way above shallow water. A long opening was cut out in order to drag the vehicle to thicker ice before lifting it out.